Hi all
I'm newbie in clickbank affiliate and also my English is not very good. I'm going to choose a good PPC or other paid advertising system. At first I tried google adwords but I found that we are not allowed to redirect users to vendors' websites and we must create a good landing page ourselves. But because my English isn’t good enough, I can't create a good landing page. (I can create short sentences to attract potential customers and redirect them to vendors' website).
Now I have two questions:
1-are there any solutions to use redirect at google adwords?
2-what are other PPC or paid advertising system that is useful for me (notice that my budget is also low)?

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go for Google adwords, the best for Af marketing.

Google adwords will do it. However consider doing seo for yourself as it implies no money and you get to learn a lot. also for 10 cents you get only one click with adwords ( ex. ) for 1 minute of work with seo good knows how many click you can get.

Google adwords is the best Af marketing services

First of all you have to check you budget then use Google Adwords keyword tool to find the rate of keywords and do according to your budget.

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