Step 1:

Find a product or CPA offer with a wide general appeal like dieting, politics etc.

Step 2:

Go to the Google Keyword research tool and look for related keywords

Step 3:

Look for high search volume terms with youtube videos on the first page of the search results and bookmark the videos

Step 4:

Make a short video using Powerpoint or its free Openoffice alternative, which is informative, but keeps the watcher curious for more (it should MAKE him curious) and suggest more information behind a link

Step 5:

Upload the video under various names and respond to the videos you have bookmarked. Have an affiliate link in the description (as the first part of the description)

Rinse and repeat.

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Thanks for the tips but I do wonder if the last tip violates Yahoo's TOS.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I second InsightsDigital's post that last tip violates Yahoo's TOS. I think if you are funny or worth watching, you get views... so, make sure you are worth watching and you WILL get views.

Those are great tips. Normally, what I do is,
I just upload a video and add more tags to that.,

Then, I used to get more backlinks to that video & use some social networks like twitter, facebook, myspace and etc. As a result, I used to get more traffic.

Those are the wonderful tips to earn fast cash within few days. I want to follow those method. However, I am sure that there is nothing cannot be enjoyed without a hard work :)

I think those are effective ways to get more traffic using YouTube Video but you can also do video marketing to get good traffic daily.

thanks for nice information sharing easy and fast way to gain

Just like most of the social media traffic, Youtube traffic rarely convert.

Thanks for sharing wonderful tips. It will be really helpful.

I actually saw a nifty promotion where someone just stood in the street and gave out cards with snapshot of the youtube shows. People took them.

Very informative post thanks for sharing it would be useful to new user and beginner

Thanks for useful tips.

Youtube traffic converts only if you are consistent; meaning on a daily basis, but a better idea would be to submit to a video site directory so that your video can be submitted to all video sites...such as metacafe, mefeedia, etc. Having your videos on more sites than Youtube will ensure more traffic and thus higher chances for conversion.

if you posts those videos on social networking sites. spreading it would be a lot faster as well. we did this during college, the funniest video that our class had got about 10000links in a week

based on my experience.

Please don't try this at home or school ;P

Last a couple years ago,
I download full version bleave anime movie from internet. After that i edit using movie maker.. every 10 minutes i add special message " more bleach video please visit my site www.*(*(*"
this is the most controversial way to get traffic, i'm sure everyone here know youtube only allow 10 minutes movie. But 2 years ago, i manage to upload, 1-2 hours video without any problem. Youtube did not delete my video.
I get more than 200 direct visitor everyday. unfortunately somebody has reported my video because copyright content and high duration movie. So all my video has been deleted from their server..

Thanks for the advice :)

Hi guys
thank you for give me this informations this forum is wonderful

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