Social Book Marking is the best way of off page SEO.Because by this we can share your idea with others and you also get the Do follow link back which will make effect your ranking.

Yes Social Bookmarking is always a great way to get free traffic to your website.

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Social bookmarking is a great means to improve your backlinking. It can be labor heavy and time intensive but the results are definitely worth the efforts.

Yes certainly bookmarking is good and quite fast to get it spidered, but in addition you need complete plan of your link building process.. The perhaps most important criteria imho is create content that is link worthy.. so instead of creating articles or guest posts on third party sites first you need to create link bait content that people love to share and you get diversity of link back

I agree with you because most people looking for good backlink and traffic so book marking website can fulfill both requirement

Yes it is one of the best way to get traffic on site because it will get lot of back links.

Social bookmarking plays a vital role in ranking your website on SERPS. Opting for do follow social bookmarking is the best option.Bookmarking brings traffic to your website.

bookmarking is not only important for backlink and get also get referral traffic from these site and S-B also help you indexing your pages fast. Because search engine visit social bookmarking sites on daily bases.

Social Book marking is good but i hate Digging ,

I have seen lots of time " for same keyword my web page having lower rank and same content on dig getting better rank.

I think i was loosing traffic because of digg so i left it.

Yaa dear social bookmarking is very important media for getting traffic to your site. Social bookmarking also helps in creating backlinks to your site.i also used social bookmarking for my websites seo and i get backlinks for my sites also.

I agree with the point that social bookmarking is the initial point to get indexed in the Google search results and getting traffic. But to increase Page rank and make the website popular there are too many ways we should use like blog posting, article marketing, forum posting, blog commenting and so on.

Building quality backings are the best way to create more traffic on your websites.

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I guess most of the social networking and bookmarking site give you dofollow links and they are useful and free :)

Yes, of course it's the way but the only way. We can also when we are on top position on google?

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yes social media is best method to generate traffic for your website

Yes certainly bookmarking is the best way to generate traffic but it must be dofollow.

Spiders will also go via nofollow links ... so finding your site. What you won't get from no follow links is transfer of the pr.
Anyway great that you found social sites that have do folllow. I haven't.

Yes, agreed! and doing so.

No, social bookmarking dont help to get traffic but it is very helpful for SEO.

Yes this is right ,but "dofollow" bookmarking is very infortent............

Social bookmarking is the best and well know way to promote your business and get more and more traffic its works better then backlinking. I have done many work in Social bookmarking as social media is going raise now a days.

Social bookmarking is a good way to get more value from the content that you do produce. Your blog may reach your audience but your blog posted to serveral social bookmarking sites will help it hit the engines more widely and reach an even larger audience.

Ya this is a good way to get traffic.

BOOKMARKING IS good way to get more traffic on site but bookmarking sites should have high PR., then its more beneficial .

its just not about posting a link in bookmarking site and getting back links. Its actually how to bring your link on first page of particular site and gaining miximum clicks.

SMO is in boom now a days so it is helping to get traffic.

Yes, but it more helps for getting a one way high pr permanant backlink for your website..Social bookmarking also help to get your website indexed in the search engines

It all depends on what your site is all about. If it's brainy and interesting, some day Reddit is the best place, others, Digg. But if it has a lot of visual qualities, Pinterest! I got traffic from there almost 5 minutes after my first post. As I said, it all depends on what you're all about. Instead of going to a million sites and shooting in the dark, becoming just one more drop in the endless ocean of posts, focus on a couple of sites that will give you a lot of BANG for your efforts.

It's informative and helpful post.

Yes, it's true. Social Bookmarking help to increase back links, traffic and visibility. But some social bookmarking give dofollow links and some give nofollow backlinks.

It is very effective, but you must not be too obvious!

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