will this be a good idea to combine facebook and twitter to National Identity of one person .everyone should have only one Fb and twitter account ..:-)

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This is an interesting thread. I don't really see how this is plausible. This is in direct conflict with the constitution of the United States. Under the Freedom of Speech Amendment, you can say whatever you want. With that said, many people on Facebook and Twitter have psuedo names so that other people cannot identify them (such as employers). Granted I guess they could have multiple accounts, but that would really defeat the purpose, no?

However, I'm a staunch opponent to a National ID. I don't see how that would solve anything or make anything easier. Linking it up with private enterprises such as Facebook and Twitter would just prove to be a political disaster.

I too oppose a national identity. It seems to be an easier way for someone to steal your identity. It would be the most beneficial to marketers now that they know EXACTLY who the heck you are and where you go everywhere on the internet (like Google does ;P).

Also, I see no reason at all for Twitter to team up with any identity association since that's not what Twitter is about. Heck, about 90% of all popular tweets are by celebrities (Charlie Sheen lol) and most Twitter accounts barely even tweet. Twitter is just not that kind of website.

Facebook on the other hand is a different story. That is the Governments dream right there. People giving all their information, photos, and interests freely is a Government goldmine, or Diamond mine for that matter. Facebook knows the value of their data and they would never be so submissive as to sell it or merge it with some national identity association so they can mooch all the users data for free, that's crazy!

So Facebook != Twitter in 90% of ways other than status updates. No need to combine them. Facebook is much richer than Twitter and if they really wanted to, they would purchase Twitter, not merge.

ya epicrevolt what you said is 100% right even i dont think twitter will be the right site :-) but ya facebook have to kept very secured as we are using the online bank account :-P and in future it can also be easy for us to vote online ..so like that we can implement lots of stuff to facebook :-) ..lets hope after some days we make get a news like this haha :-)

I just can't see how can this be possible. But you can somehow combine facebook and twitter by some applications. lol..

Do Facebook and Twitter really agree with this matter? They should be more careful with this another feature. Problems may arise such as security and privacy issues. But then I agree with allyson, the apps combination. Such an easier way to access apps.

No way for National Identity for facebook that is not secure that your identity is opened in facebook & twitter!

I agree, it's really not nice to just hand over a person's info if its the case.

I and almost everyone in my family also has our own FB accounts. Surely, none of us too wants our identity to get exposed, I mean everyone enjoys FB but if the case is an uncertain security of identity. Then might want to think twice sooner.

but as far i guess ...60% of the user put the real data in FB ....ya i agree some may have more than 1 account.its just my idea that i wanted to share with you guys ...!coz previously is use orkut too..but in tht social community its for fun ...but FB is full of FUN and bit business oriented too....!

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