Hi guys! I am into social media marketing for branding my employer's site and its products. I understand its use and how it will give benefits to us. I am just in the beginning of my marketing. But I am excited of the particular benefits it can give to us. I hope that you could list out the benefits and opportunities gave to you and to your business by social media marketing. Thank you.

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There are a lot of benefits...first of all you save time.You can send many messages on line in a short time and I guess you'll receive a feedback easier

the biggest benefit is that it gives huge traffic and secondly it gives your site a huge popularity.

Yes Popularity is the foremost thing. Also with social media marketing it becomes easier to get good leads. And the interaction with customers become easier and we gets feedback instant.

maximum internet user stay on Social sites & Social site is the best place of online marketing. if you have any more idea of Social Media Marketing Benefits please share with us. :)

Social media is the best place to spread our business and it is the only place from which we can know that what some changes we should make for our business.

I've been quite busy doing social media marketing and now I think that it has good results as part of our branding plans. I agree that popularity is the most important benefit of social media marketing. Then, some will follow as we go along. Thanks for sharing opinions.

Social media has the ability to connect you and your business with an infinite amount of opportunities, businesses, and individuals.

you can promote your products and brands via social media, because it is one of the sharp, authentic, free and reliable source of markting.

you can promote your products and brands via social media, because it is one of the sharp, authentic, free and reliable source of markting.

Social media Marketing very popular and easy way of advertisement. Its boost traffic at your website. Make your site more popular. Increase your business and product. Social media have very important role to improve your site page ranking in various search engine.

It all depends. Your social media has to be targeted. When I started, I was told to do social media. So I joined too many sites and it didn't work out really well. Then, I got so tired, I stuck with just a handful and posted regularly. Guess what? I made friends, got customers, and things went on from there on a really nice road.
My advice is, be selective, join to the ones you think will pay off, and stick to it! Get to know people there and become known of THEM, you can then tactfully ask for word of mouth on your behalf, visits to your sites, etc.

Wish you well!

I agree with you all friends,as we all know these days everyone is using social media sites like facebook and twitter and when we share good beneficial content in these sites then it will give huge amount of traffic as well as popularity.

In my opinion social media marketing helps to make a brand popular.

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