Hey everyone, Can you please tell us some good and effective tips and points to promote our self through Face Book and other social networking sites???

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for Facebook Fan page

Make Facebook Fan Page and post Interesting images and videos on wall post and tag popular people in images and video.( you can get more visits and manny Facebook Fans


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join Facebook groups more and more relevant to the keywords and post Interesting images, videos and important content on wall

First get in touch with many people of your interest field and share your thoughts with them. Write blogs and articles on your profile and attract people for giving reviews. Make some interesting video as it can attract people more.

I suppose the key message so far is : be active and use all possible Apps of FB like forums, chats, posts on the wall, questionaries, blogs and articles, etc

create a facebook fan page of your site suggest it your friends, family and colleagues, post your facebook page link on other relevant pages to promote it, create a twitter account and link it to your facebook fan page hence your facebook updates will automatically tweet on twitter too :)

I want to increase my site traffice which stragey i use. Please tell me

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this question also is repeated every few days, which means you'll already find a lot of threads where this question is answered.
you may want to go through those first.

there are seo's out there that sell you 1.000 like but i think that is kind of a bogus deal as most of them scam you for money or steal your account.

You can hire a SEO for traffic purpose, who can work for your site to bring traffic.

If you want to establish the brand image of your self . Then you have need to create some blog and post on them good information regularly and keep sharing with the facebook .

You can share your review on the product or service and share it the facebook . In this way you can make awarness and create your personal brand image .

In social media you need to focus on relationships. Kindly do not do heavy direct marketing. People will get turned off. I do income taxes for locals in a town of fifteen though. I use my Facebook Business page to share fun images with locals.

you can make group as well join Group , Then post qulaity post in group.

LinkedIn is one of the most attractive,effective & useful social networking site through which u can easily promote urself by giving ur details profile with organized way.

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