I've recently started a forum for glamour models in the UK and was wondering if anybody knows of a forum or website dedicated to recruiting forum moderators?

I've searched around a bit and so far have had no luck. The forum is the initial start of the business and we have plans to develop the venture into a fully fledged modeling agency.

Also what are peoples views on using a strategy of this kind to develop a forum? Part of the moderators role would be to post interesting topics on a daily basis.

At present we simply have no free time to develop a community ourselfs. And it seems that moderators only want to moderate busy forums.

What are peoples views on paying moderators? Their income would be a percentage of adsense revenue.


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Paying people on a new site with a share of revenue is about the same as doing it for free. In the same token if you get GOOD people who know your field they are more then just moderators they can bring in readers from other sites and boards they are active on.

So yes paying moderators does work and if you gave them some $$ up front and then a fair percentage of adsense I could see you and them benefiting greatly from it.

Most moderators that work on a volunteer basis do so for the prestige - it's a big important responsibility to have "control" over a community. If your community isn't large enough to garner such influence, think of something else that you could perhaps do to give moderators the warm fuzzy feeling they're after. Constantly thank them and tell them what a great job they're doing. Ask them for their input on site development and changes and make them feel like they're a part of something that will be big one day.

very true but for a brand new site you cant offer any of those things you list. A site like CNET or in the related field FORD Models can use that card. But you are on the right track in my opinion Lee in how to get some moderators who can do more then just play cop.

I think it's better to just have 1 person mod, yourself. For a starting community 1 person is enough. After you develop some more, get 1-2 from the BEST members you have and promote them to mods. You don't have to pay them. Simply the fact they can help out with the community they love will be enough ... You can reward them with a link in the forums and stuff like that ..

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