Ethics is there in all the profession, so as social media. What do you think about it?

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Ethics exist everywhere, of course. As individuals, we must respect one another regardless of whether we are face to face or communicating via Web. We trust one another to adhere to the norms of various institutions and hope that respect is reciprocated. Thanks.

Of course. Be respectful to all. Be Honest

Your online reputation can be a very, very powerful thing. Make it good.

Now a days social media very popular and gradually it will more popular. People want to gather and share knowledge, also all are very much eager for make relation with expected people and social media is a easiest way for these. So we all should respectful each other.

The basic etiquette of old fashioned America should be the way you interact on the web, for reputation purposes anyway.

You should keep your updates interesting and don't focus just on self-promotion but instead, provide a personal glimpse into your life by including every-day tasks, and interesting tidbits that people may otherwise never know when doing business with you.

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