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Thanks for providing this great list of social networking websites. But Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Digg like social networking websites are also popular and good for social media optimization.

Hi Thank you very much for the list. Social networking websites are designed to allow members to connect and communicate with one another - so features of these sites foster interaction, activity, and of course, community.

i found is a popular social networking website for blogging and making links to your site to get high traffic.It helps me alot.

Thank you for these list but i am not really sure about these. Currently, i am using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg for social networking. And also blog networking using blogcatalog and blogged.

Small but good one. It's better to do social networking on some popular networks like facebook, twitter etc.

Thanks for the list. But it huge approximately 60,000 .

Thanks for this great list of Social networking sites. But I think in the recent time Facbook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Digg are the best sites to be used as social networking sites. These sites drive huge traffic if optimized well.

Thank for sharing the list.I will definitely try to work on them so that I get some good traffic and links to my site..

i appreciate that you share your personal research everyone, hoping some new listing from you

These site are really effective for driving traffic form these sites.

Some of these sites listed over here helped me a lot to drive traffic.

All the above mentioned social networking sites are so superb, thanks to share this valuable sites with us.

Thanks for sharing this post.
Anyway some other social sites are below

These sites realy use full web page very thank you.....

very nice & Usefull info for social media optimization...

Thanks for providing the useful information for SMO website.

This Social website can drive high amount of traffic to our website.

Thanks for sharing such a great list of Social Media website. According to a survey there are around 270+ social platforms available on Internet.

I believe nothing can be more useful than the social media platforms themselevs. The popular ones such as Twitter, facebook Instagram, Pinterest and much more.

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