Facebook is one of the best way to get traffic to your site.You can create Fan Page of your site in Facebook and promote your page and increase likes through micro blogging sites.

for getting traffic through facebook first of all you should create buisness for for your site and then make friends and then post that page .

Remember that creating a Facebook Fan page for your business is just the starting point. Afterwards, you have to put a lot of work into updating constantly the page with fresh content. Next, attract large base of fans by engaging in discussion with them.

Build a facebook profile first by increasing fan, friends and followers, then create pages on it related to your business and share among the fan and friends.

Facebook is one of the mostly used sites which provide quality back links. You can add different peoples related to your site. SO you can get profit.

create a facebook account and update your page continually with some interesting information.or you can create product page or company page for help.

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Get a million people like your page. Make a post that links to your blog/site. Blast! You see a flood coming.

Now days Facebook is the skipper in social media marketing game, so where we thanks about social media, there still facebook taking first place.

As per my understanding we need to create page/pages for our business and promote by sharing some new & interesting things also your business products services as well.
Put a like button in your website
Get max to max friends and fans

Facebook is a social media giant and you can get ton of traffic. You have to just simply create facebook fanpage/groups and share the interesting stuff for users so they will go to your site for more stuff.

Get a million people like your page. Make a post that links to your blog/site. Blast! You see a flood coming.

Any tips on how you get a million people to just like your page? Sorry for the sarcasm but if I could do that, I could just start spending my raise or bonus right now.

You have to get potential or existing customers to (1) find you on Facebook and (2) then follow you. Offering a special discount or incentive for liking you on FB is one effective way.

create your website page in face book and submit interesting topic related your website

Be active in Facebook groups and fan pages.

You know guys facebook used to generate traffic and if you want to get more traffic then you have to create fan page and also create group after taht you share business link them and try that they like your link page.

create a facebook profile and build a custom fan page with participate activitly with some interesting image video and your company services informations. Try to make maximum likes and more friends.

Once you have friends in your facebook list you can post on your wall messages containing links to your site. Considering that you give this message to your friends ... they should click it ( increasing so traffic to your site )

Facebook is great if you are looking for to use targeted ads. The only common issue I see is that many customers of FB don't update their profile information so their interests may have changed since then. Do a simple search to find out more info.

You can make links of your site on facebook, try to get likes also you can make a fan page.

Many good tactics have already been mentioned but one I didn't see was about your blog. If you have a blog on your website you can then naturally post those on your Facebook page. If you have a good facebook following and good blog posts with orginal content then those post on facebook can help drive traffic to your site. It really is important to keep acitve on facebook. Liking others who are thinking along the same lines, products etc. is a good way to drive more likes to your own facebook page, then to your blog posts on facebook and finally as traffic on your website. Consistency and regular posting will take you far.

Thanks for the advices!I want to roll up my Facebook page!This ideas is very helpful!Cheers!

Hi Everyone! Just throwing one more log in. I recently went to a forum of which I am a member (in my niche, which is handmade items), the place boasts of having 2 million members. Well, I asked there about like-gating on Facebook, to increase your number of "likes," and all of them said they were offended by it. That if they go to a page that uses it, they get out and will not sign on. Just letting you know, just in case anyone here is thinking about making a landing page to "like" gate.

Hi friends,

I am totally agree with goodtaste's views. Thanks for sharing your views.


I was very surprised at how angry some are at "like" gating. I never thought that a possible customer might think they are being treated as a "stupid person" that cannot discern that they are just being harvested for a "like." I just want to save all of you some grief. I'm glad I asked a large community before I tried it!

More friends, interesting content and links, maybe

ways to genrate traffic via facebook:-

  • Facebook Status Updates
  • Likes and comments
  • Fan pages
  • more friends, more awareness
  • use facebook ads

There is a classified section also which is known as a marketplace..try to use it for your business promotion..You can also create a fan page for your business & connet with your friends, clients etc & share the useful information about your business there

Nice advice on this thread. I have two singular niches, one is handmade, the other vegan cooking. None are easy. But my handmade fanpage is picking up nicely. Facebook just offerend me a $50.00 free coupon for advertising, which I will not take. I'm finding that Twitter is sending me "likes" for my handmade fanpage, which are totally free. Use Twitter!

Make a Facebook fan page and be sure that you can have many likes and always update your page by posting interesting information. :)

facebook is the best social media site thats why its very effective to get traffic

Create a page for your business & promote it.
try to create more friends..
Always publish the useful information related to your business
You can also place your business in the marketplace section as a ads

Just remember that Facebook is a social network. You should do your promotion in a social way e.g. engaging with people and building relationships, plus you yourself should be interested with what your page has. Don't spam also.

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