Facbook is one of the best way to get organic traffic for every site. It works slow getting traffic but once you have fans on it and you have creat a good relation with them than they come to you every time you ask them.

Its a wonderful discussion ........thank you guys

I wish my fans engage in discussions on my facebook page, but it seams that if they dont know you personally is very difficult to make'em more interested then they are. Any ideeas?

It is true that many audiences are hard to engage on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter! It took me several tries to be able to get a "Show and Tell" going on my blog, where my customers could show off their own interpretation of my handmade patterns. It takes enthusiasm on your part and a bit of gentle persuasion to obtain something form an audience, but it can be done. Some people use different methods. One thing that broke the ice in one of my fan pages was the use of an app called Fan of the Week. It seems the majority of my subscribers want to comment just to be picked as the Fan of the Week. There are apps for contests, for surveys, for different things. You just have to look around and tailor the thing to your niche. You can also organize an event and give a prize to the first X number of people who sign up for it. Use your imagination and persevere, it might work the first time. With me, it took time. Wish you well!

Nobody's mentioning yet, I guess, so I will. Use ###, yes, hashtags! Facebook is using them now. I read an article about them and started using them on all my posts and in a week, I got 200 new organic likes. My page is very active, people comment, respond, share, etc. But the new likes almost took me by surprise, because it is so new to use hashtags on FB! Now, I don't use them like we do on twitter, as part of the post's text, but aftwards, like search terms, almost like tags, and they are working wonderfully well! Try it!

Social media marketing is basically helps in promotion, building real and quality relationships as well as increases in the traffic and rank. There are so many social sites like Facebook, twitter etc it helps in building your network and relationships.Large part of its traffic comes through these social sites. Social marketing is a like online marketing who influences the people to purchase that particular product. It also increases in the marketers and i think it indirectly effects your Seo. Facebook is the best way for branding and promoting. Basically it is a social media site through which we can increase our traffic.

Facebook is a nice option for dragging traffic to your website. You have to create community or page and make a good SEO of it. It has to look attractive so that facebook users show interest in your page and willing to read it.

Facebook is very good option for getting the traffic to your website: create Fan Page and share interesting information in it to engage users.
Facebook users never visits a page which is dull, less interactive and boring.... You need to bring all the elements in your page that can hook the audience.

Promote your page on other Social media site..
Publish quality wall post,photos add polls
create some groups and also follow some of your niche pages/group engage with them
Use facebook apps : Apps are a great way to increase engagement from the FB users and make your page viral....

First you got to have friends. Also you might consider making a page and then you need likes.
However the content is the king. If you post once per week ... that won't get you to far.
So to me posting is your change of traffic form FB.

It is true that content is king, an interesting image is queen. But you have be careful what you post, I recently read an article about people who are posting giveaways on Facebook, not knowing that that goes against their rules! Read the small print before you develp your bright, marketing strategy!

Face book is likely one of the best ways to get traffic on your website. For doing it in a successive way you have to create as attractive page or community on facebook so that users of facebook start liking it. Because facebook is mainly used for entertainment and mostly peoples likes the pages which attracts their attention. Do a good seo of your page and you will surely see a guileful result.

Facebook is the best social platform to communicate with each other.

It is quite easy. You have to stay connection on your page. Share quality stuff and more important is, add many poeple to increase the traffic towards your page.

and , how to grasp more affiliate ,

1.Add more number of friends.
2.Create fanpage and get more number of likes.
3.Post useful and attractive contents with attractive images and URL.

First of all create a very arractive page then share intresting information in it.Make friends on facebook,more friends means more traffic.Post regularly and reply to other comments.

You can generate huge traffic through facebook. For that create a Facebook Fan Page for your website and put your website/blog link there.

i think there is no method to use the facebook traffic because i think we can use the facebookk traffic when we update our page

You can only reach people through Facebook if people see what's in your newsfeed, and they will not see it if you don't have at least 10 thousand likes and post ads to generate traffic to your page. Most people that like your page never visit it again, and for them to see what's on your feed, you have to be very proactive about it!

Create a facebook page and share your website or blog link there.

Facebook is really a very good option because it is used by lot of users so to use the facebook for the online advertising would be very effective since once you advertise the particular brand on it would be seen in mass

Create a facebook page and promote your blog there.

Using unique content,by posting interesting,attractive and informative content or link such that if any one would see it certainly grabs attention of the users.

Simply first create fan page of your website on facebook. Create the page attractive because on dull page fb user never comes again and never like it.

  1. Create fanpage
  2. create likes on your page
  3. and for remaining that on your page create attractive stuff regulary share it, tag your friends on it.
  4. engage with audience

one of the greatest tools, currently in use, which is getting lot of momentum, is Bleupage. checkout the link - http://www.bleupage.com/ - it has some great resources to launch a wonderful facebook fan page campaign.

make the best profile on facebook and daily update can gives you the traffic

REgular updation on wall along with sharing of relevanat stuff on wall

If you don't have any money to spend on fancy apps to draw in people, use Pinterest. There are tons of interesting things there you can use. Facebook fans love photos. If your niche is for example, blogging, you can find a large volume of current, and very good posts on Pinterest from successful bloggers. Post selected ones of those types articles to your Fan Page or wall. I post on Facebook twice a day on my most popular Fan Page, and it has grown on its own. My second fan page is beginning to grow, when it does, I will post twice a day also. You can also visit Fan Pages similar to yours, if you are a marketer, for example, visit people like Amy Porterfield or someone like that. Share some content from that page, and tag it. Then her people will "discover" your page. But be careful to have loads of good contente already there, and not to abuse the tagging. Do it more like a courtesy you're paying to the nice content on a particular Fan Page, and as something of value you are sharing with your readers. Before you share and tag the page, leave a good comment below the original post and tell the owner of the page you will be sharing it because you love the content. I have seen it done beautifully, and with good taste, and when done that way, it really works. Wish you the best!

Posting things that are interested to your target market. graphics catch the eye faster than long paragraphs of info, but too many graphics in a followers News Feed can be annoying. The KEY is posting something interesting enough to get others to Share it, or at least Like it so their friends may notice, and the friends of friends, etc

Yes, I agree with this too. An impressive fan page, Proper content submission... adding fan pages and groups in it...

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