Create fan pages and post meaningful articles there. :)

Join Facebook groups in your niche. I have two fanpages and a wall that is likie a garden overgrown with weeds (my friends have taken it over completely and it's out of control) but my fanpages I keep for my business and charity endeavors, and Facebook groups + Twitter have been very helpful in building them up.

Now facebook is really good for generate a traffic and branding. below i have explained whatever i know about the facebook.

  1. Create a account with your name.
  2. Update your profile with very Exact information.
  3. Create a page in facebook and update about your services on your page. Once you arrtactive the users then you will get more no of likes on your page.
  4. Create a group and discuss about your services.
  5. keep on update your wall.

If you can join an active Facebook group it would do wonders for you.
Let me give the example of my niche. I'm in Handmade. I belong to a Facebook group. The owner of it is very active on Etsy. The members vote for each otehr and push each other very often to the front page of Etsy, so everybody wins, everybody gets exposure and sales. If you can find (or start) a group that would do something similar for your friends in your niche, you will get tons of members.

Facebook is slow and steady option to gro your site.
Use like button, use Facebook Ad, Create your own company and fan list.

No matter however laborious we tend to tried, we tend to ne'er got plenty of qualified guests from search engines. (Qualified guests area unit guests United Nations agency obtain or click). sometimes the traffic from search engines reached nearly, however ne'er quite a hundred and twenty fifth of our traffic.While that's still one hundred times higher than the completely over hyped and puffed up phone book phone book listings, passive advertising is hardly value plenty of your time and energy.If your current traffic or a hundred and twenty fifth of your potential traffic is nice enough for you, then continue simply programme submissions.To attract additional qualified guests, you wish to achieve out and speak to them, you cannot watch for them to accidentally encounter your listing during a programme. rather like radio and television ads unfold awareness and data to those who did not even grasp they were interested, a similar must be done on the online to urge the massive Traffic.There area unit a pair of forms of active advertising:

Linear or Single Shot
Exponential or conflagration

in most of the post everyone telling that it is nice place to promot your business. But still no one telling that what type of procedure we need to follow for socail media site to get promoted.
So if any one know better something about this topic please share all this in bold letter. So that everyone put their attention on it.

You're right! The majority of people who give advice online say a lot and don't say anything (I watched lots of videos, listened to a lot of talks and webinars and read a lot of newsletters like that when I got started, they said a lot but did not give me anything practical to go on.) The thing is, you have to glean a bit here and there and then find your way and adapt it to your niche. For Facebook, let me offer some practical advice. First, make a good page or community, with great info people will be interested in. Depending on what you're doing, go to FB and search for groups in your niche, join them (I mean "like" them) and, without making yourself annoying, talk to others and share your theme, making sure, that if you have a fanpage that you use FB as that fanpage's name when you post your comments in those groups. That will lead people to browse your page. Another great way is to use Twitter. Ask your twitter audience: Are you interested in Z, Y and Z (your niche) join us on Facebook! If your niche is visual, join Pinterest and gently encourage people to explore your blog and FB page. All of these are free and have proven very effective for me. Wish you well!

Facebook is best for business only if you had purchase his adds place.

I think On FB get in contact with many people , discuss with them for any issue and try to solve it by providing the best and useful content. And create your fan page on FB , make groups of the friends. And create ad for your business and then update your FB profile. So this way your group can receive the notice for your business ad and this way you can get more success for your business.

Create your own facebook business page, update with regular useful content. It will create traffic to your site, but you need to be patient to generate more traffic. Do not add fake fans in list.

Create a fb page for your business, update it regularly regarding the product & services you offer. Invite all of your friends & friend of friends to your page.

Create facebook groups,pages and publish useful tips,news,jokes and everything else that attracts people. Then when you have a good number of people in your groups/pages start to post your website.

How to use face book for traffic
here is some feature where you can drive traffic to your site

Creating your Facebook page
Promoted ‘Hot Facebook Status Updates
Reader Involvement in Shaping the Site
Landing Page

hi, you can use facebook to attract more and more traffic to your niche.
1-Tell all your friends and existing clients (via email or by posting on your own facebook wall) that you have a page for your business and ask them to like it.

2-You can also use the ‘suggest to friends’ feature in your facebook page admin area. This is a slightly more ‘aggressive’ approach than #1 above so use it sparingly. I would only ‘suggest’ your page to the friends you genuinely think would be interested.

3-continuely update your content on your your facebook page so that more and more visitors like to read and share with other member too.


Be very careful when you use aggressive methods to make yourself known to people on Facebook or to send them advertisement messages which they might not welcome. I know someone who was branded by Facebook as a spammer for something really tame and innocent. You've got to go by the rules more than ever nowadays, so beware of gimmicks and tricks that might get you into trouble!

still i am not getting right and best answere that how can i get business.

Try to make freinds on Facebook who are related to what you offer and what your business about, it would help.

I use place links with my posts on FB. Usually a promote coupon so it makes sense to place a link. It works for me.

Facebook is the best social networking site for business promotional activities. Through facebook fan page we can promote the businesses.

commented: This post adds nothing of value whatsoever. -3

Put your website front and center with a custom tab that either directs visitors to your website
Be sure your web address is included in your “About” information.
Make the most of your Cover Photo.
Get creative with content.
Finally, consider creating special offers only available on Facebook.

Facebook is great social networking website here you can genrate more visitors. You need to create atrractive profile, increase your business network, join groups.

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make a fb page, and u need to be very interactive plus upload intrsting and unique information. and dnt stick to a single category. make page for all.

I think facebook is the most appropriate social media platform to promote our products. Promote your page & try to get maximum likes.

Facebook is really get helpful get fast traffic for webeite,you need to crate attractive facebook page and need to provide all information for your website.Facebook is king of soaicl media,so many of user are intersted your post and they give business.

Some tips how to use facebook to bring traffic.
1- Focus on Visual Content
2- Stay Natural to Facebook
3- Use the Facebook Views & Apps Feature
4- Include Links to Your Website in all Posts

I hope you would like them

Do Advertising that is a good way to get more traffic if you create a Ad It will appear on the side of peoples facebook pages they will recognize it more.

You need to make sure you are actively engaged with your Facebook fan page in order to achieve maximum reach.

I would suggest that you get a Facebook page and your unique vanity url to your Facebook page and share links to your posts on your page. For best results please make sure you purchase a couple of Facebook ads or Sponsored posts or at the least Promoted Posts. This would help to make your posts reach the widest audience possible. Without shelling out a few bucks, Facebook's algorithms would not give your posts sufficient reach.

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