I heard about the cross linking, but what is the use of it???
whether it will be useful for link building???
If any of you know about that, kindly share to us.

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I heard about the cross linking, but what is the use of it???
whether it will be useful for link building???
If any of you know about that, kindly share to us.

Cross linking is nothing but site a link to site b. But both these sites be owned by same person or such sites that both the person want to share with each other that is relevant. Generally people do cross linking when they have the huge amount of content to share then by linking from one page to other they allow visitor to get the complete detail for the same topic or relevant topic.

This is great if you already have a sister that with good PR. Some of that PR can follow to the other site.

Cross linking is just a term used to describe linking between domain names.

it is providing of cross-referencing links of a website pages

I didn't have any idea about this, I have come to know from here that what is cross linking. I need to get some useful details regarding this.

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Cross Linking is a strategy of Black Hat SEO. It is used to get number of backlinks violating the rules. therefore, it is inequitable to use.

Can you more explain about cross linking?

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Cross linking allows you to put your link on another site and then you put that site's link on your website. Some use it when one has multiple sites and they want to cross feed them with the same traffic. It used to be a good tactic for getting more visitors. But, correct me if I'm wrong, more recently, it can be viewed as a negative tactic or as someone else mentioned, black hat SEO.

Cross linking refers to the process of linking between two sites. Whether or not they are owned by the same person. It is used to increase the link popularity of the website.
Too often people tend to use cross linking by putting a link to the same sites on every page. this dilutes the quality of the link, and will appear questionable to the search engines. Therefore, suggested to avoid.
Furthermore, people use to create the 'link ring', where several sites are cross linked to each other, with no other sites linked into the ring they create. Search engines will penalize such cross linking.

Link between more then web site is known as cross linking.

cross linking is known as linking between two websites.

Link exchange, link building and cross linking are the terms used to create back links for OFF-Page SEO Tasks

I am not sure as I never heard this term before but I am feeling that it is like a Link exchange where reciprocal links are given.

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Cross linking is a technique of black hat as it is used to make fool to google spider and bot and get unethical links. In cross linking one website link to other, other to third one and so on.

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