Hi Everyone, this is my first post.

I am starting up an e-commerce site where I am only selling one product. The product does have one variation with only two options, but I don't want to list it as two items.

Anyway, I don't want to touch HTML or CSS, I want a template and an easy to use interface, but also allows my SEO guy to touch what he needs to do his job.

Since there is only one product, I want the product detail page to be on the home page. In most online e-commerce sites you can put a little blurb/image on the home page, but it requires the user to click the box, that takes them to the detail page, then they can click the Add To Cart button.

I am currently testing 3DCart, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Volusion, but they are all geared towards many items for sale.

Other hopeful features.
1) Credit Card processing or easy hookup to many such websites for handling payments
2) Ability to set up affiliate programs, preferably built into the ecommerce site, or can connect to outside programs
3) Hooks into all shipping calculators.

Thanks for your help


Internet can make easy your online selling about wide range on products offered by a business. but only single product service can make your business worth and strong image.
Because in single product, producer can strongly emphasis on the quality of the product that can make strong image of company.
Later on You can offer various product and there sale volume can be impressive due to strong image.
SO, single product selling is better for new business


Me too, I'm also in the process of setting up a site selling ONLY one product. I did some research and I think I am going to go with Bigcommerce. I need the design of my site to be top notch so I will probably hire madwire web design.

It's true though that when you sell a single product online you can emphasize product quality, and therefore develop a better brand name.

I would not use Shopify only because they have transaction costs on each time you sell the product.

Well i do not understand if you are setting up a website and want to have online business, then why for only one product.. You can do it for multiple products or one product with many variations.. I mean must have versatility...

It sounds like you might be expanding in the future and you need a lot of features, I didn't see any mention of Yahoo, a well known name and they offer many of the features your looking for. But for complete versatility, you might want to try magento, but you'll need a good programmer.

For the first responder. Huh? That isn't answering the question.
For the poster that said I should sell more than one product. But I only make one product. I am the creator of the prodyct and I am not building a store with other products because then I can't push my one product that I make to get the most sales on it.

If I were to add other products by other companies which have a small markup compared to something that I create and design and make makes absolutely no sense in my situation.

vitminl - where does it say I might be expanding? No expansion into other products. Yahoo doesn't have many features or a look and feel that I feel is up to date with todays better looking websites.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I did go with Big Commerce. The only thing they lack is an affiliate program or clean integration with outside affiliate programs. I also have to do the two page thing where the front page shows the "featured items, which is my one item, and I have to hack the html to add my content on that page. Then the user will have to click on it, go to the details page, which wouldn't be much different than the home page, then they will have to click on the add to cart to then checkout.


You can get best result if you can sell more products. The web is best way for online marketing. Any single product is not helps to getting more buyers, other wise sell its related products.

You can get best result if you can sell more products. The web is best way for online marketing. Any single product is not helps to getting more buyers, other wise sell its related products.

Again, makes no sense in my respect. If I sell other products which aren't mine, I will take away focus on my product. Therefore I sell less of my product. People should be coming to my site to buy my product, not anything else. Also if I have other products, then I have more work on my hand to ship and send that stuff. With my product I have very little to no interaction needed.

Please stop stating that I should sell more than one product. I will not sell more than one product no matter what.

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