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Does dynamic keyword insertion on ads and landing pages guarantees high quality score? How can it generate positive effects on conversions?

@ blakehouston
There is no guarantee with AdWords, but all advanced marketers tell you that landing page relevance plays a key role conversion rates. You should always focus on the end user experience, and the landing page is where it is at for most site visitors. Quality scores are primarily set by your click through rate for ads. The end result being if you’re spending money on generating clicks, you better make sure your landing pages are also doing the same job for conversions.

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There is not any such guarantee, dynamic keyword insertion imporves your ad impression but lead generation or conversion totally depands on quality of your landing page and matter(content) you have used in landing page and if it is done with casually it may increase your ppc budget with lower conversion rate.

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What will happen if im not going to use the dynamic keyword on my website? Anyone can share some ideas about this, thanks.

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