hello guys,

please tell me that How To Rename Facebook Group? because i have seen that somebody rename his facebook group name.!!!

so please guys share your thoughts with me if anyone know that...

Thank You.

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If you have more than 100 members/fans/likes (or is it 1000 - i can't remember) then you can't change the name unfortunately. it's a crazy policy that drove me insane. all you can do is create a new page/group and plug the new link in the old group. hope this helps!


How To Rename Facebook Group

You can rename the group as long as your tha admin.


Once your Group has reached a certain number of members, you cannot rename the group. On Facebook Pages, that limit is 100, so I'd guess Groups would be the same or similar.

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ok so where do you go to rename the group of facebook i dont see nowhere to change the name of the group?...


There's certain limitation of numbers of members in the Facebook groups to enable Group name edit. I read somewhere that until you have 30 Members you can't be able to edit the name of your Group.

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