Has anyone had any good response / revenue from the AdSense text link units?

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Yes, i do see the adlinks quite a bit. I was a bit turned off that it takes you to a google page and then a user has to click on those ads for you to get paid.

Any success with adlinks? Let us know.

Check this post out on webmaster world. Members there are talking about how adlinks is now 30-50% of their adsense revenue.

It's all relative though depending on how large their revenue is. Still interesting thread and one you might want to look into.


Please, no external links in this forum. Thanks! :)

I have tried at adsense and yahoo same program. it seems to me yahoo is better

god they were amazing i just signups to google and i had 30 click the first day with all from text link on the top just got 4 clicks from other ads units

Adsense is no good, I had them for a month then they disabled my account right before they were supposed to pay me...

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