Finlandia Group brings out an interesting comparative study regarding the E-commerce market in Finland in respect of U.S. The reason behind the comparison is to highlight how much the Finns are different or more precisely are lagging behind the major country ruling the scene of E-commerce presently. In America, the proportion of internet users presently is 74.9% of entire population. Of this, most of the internet users here, say around 82% are likely to shop for the products online and only a minor rate of 18% would visit the stores physically. If we consider the present situation, USA seems to have spent nearly 45 billion USD which makes it the top most country for the e-commerce.

In case of Finland you have 86 percent of the population as internet users. The percentage seems to be a good number but the catch is that most of the Finns here prefer window shopping and use the internet chiefly for the getting information on the services and goods but only a few of them say 20-40% are actually interested in online shopping. Moreover, the Finns are also not found much in the social networking sites, which are one of the most advanced tools of online marketing today. According to the Finlandia Group, only 42% of the Finland population use the social networking platforms compared to 63.7 percent in U.S.