I want to create a website to sell software over the internet. I know i can use paypal to receive payments. I've been looking at the paypal documentation and i can't find the answer to my question.
I don't have a company, i'm a freelancer doing my own work for one day, with luck open my own company.
Is there any way, using paypal, or some other system to generate an invoice to a client buying a product in my website? What can / should i do in order to be legal?

My thanks in advanced

why dont you register a company and start the website onto it?

Because for registring a company (and maintaining it) i need money

is gateway only the problem which you face?? By the way can you elobrate what sort of software you are going to sell in your website. Who knows i can turn into an angel investor for you :)

Paypal offers an online invoicing feature which allows you to create and email invoices to your customers. As your business grows, it would be ideal to establish a payment gateway so you're not subjected to Paypal's fees and restrictions. You'll get funded faster, and your website will look more professional since you don't have to send your customers to Paypal's site to pay for your software.

I think the question is not related to the ability to issue a paper or electronic invoice, but on the legal coverage of it.

PayPal does indeed provide invoicing facilities, it's only that some of your customers will probably request that you have a VAT number and put it on the bill for covering their own taxes. That will be the point when you need to register your business.

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