Can I buy email database to my newsletter.

I visited this site and it looks great, but I need confirmation from you.
[spammy link deleted]


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I see two questions. As to can you buy, that depends if you have the money and means to buy it. This is not something you should be asking here but to the seller.

As to looks great my view on bought email lists is that you get stale rotten lists with so little responders that instead of the 1% responders I'm hearing that spammers are getting lower then 0.01% responses. To see if that's going to work for you take 10% of that or 0.001% response rates who are not buyers but just those that hit reply.

Email lists are dead. Except to those that sell them.

I see no questions, at least no real ones. I see a spammer trying to promote a service. Why else go to the bother of including the URL and obfuscating it by padding before and after the '.' so that it doesn't show as a link (and therefore hopefully escape any spam detection) - or am I just being too cynical here? The answer is no, no I am not. I've also removed the link from the post, as the general question is still valid and the answer from rproffitt very useful to anyone considering buying such a list.

commented: Thanks for the cleanup and kind words for me. In my circles, bought email lists are stone cold dead. Except to those that sell such. +15

I have to disagree with you guys.

At the DaniPad Coworking Space, there was not too long ago a freelance Wordpress web developer who earned all of his business from buying email lists. It worked quite well for him to financially support his daughter, and he eventually moved on to get his own private office space.

All that being said, I'll answer the OPs question, which is no, we don't sell email databases here. To the best of my knowledge, the best place to get them is from the ever popular BlackHatWorld forum. And for those who might be curious, black hat marketing does not mean illegal. ;)

Dani, he wasn't asking if he could buy such a list from DaniWeb. He was 'asking' if he should buy the list from the spammy link which I deleted for the reasons already stated: this was not a genuine query about buying email lists, it was a specific plug for one seller of such lists.

commented: I agree. This sort of "distraction display" spam post is easy to spot. I call them disingenuous. +15
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