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Im new in a social networking and I would like to ask how to make a page for your account.

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just visit facebook.com, you'll see "Create A Page" link on the bottom. Click the link, and follow the instructions.

Login to your facebook.In the left hand side you can see an option.Create a page

If you are the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity, or band, you can create a Page to represent your organization on Facebook.

Login to your Facebook Account, and at the Bottom of Menu on Left side of your Wall you can find Create a Page. Click on the link and you will be guided for how to create your page.

You can refer to youtube and keyword something like how to setup facebook. It really helps alot.

Don't just make a facebook page, not a just. Try to make the best page for effectiveness.

it is easy just search in Google you would find the link.

to create a page on facebook you got a link as create page just click on the link and follow the instruction....

Just Visit your facebook profile and find option "Create a page" there. Click the link and start entering your business information to set up a Fan page on Facebook. Once it is created, start sharing with friends and groups!

Just simple firstly login your facebook account and chosse the create page option.

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