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Good day to you all I would like to ask for help on how can i improve my website do you have any list on what to do. Any advice will do that is heplful to me.

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In what terms you want improvement?
Web Designing or visibility on the search engines.

You should start backlink building. There are free methods which needs a lot of effort (but it really worth) and there are paid backlinking services. Be careful with them, because some of them is very low quality and may cause Google penalty.
I would also make sure that the site content is 100% unique. Search engines loves unique content, so simply much unique content will bring more targeted traffic.

If you mean search result ranking by improvement then you have to do link building. Thats all you got to do for now. Do not over do it, just do it naturally.

Take it from someone who has learned this the hard way. Consistently creating quality, relevant backlinks on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to drive more traffic to your web page. These links should be on a mixture of web pages that have varying page ranks and should be related to your website in some way to have the most impact. Next, and as important, is creating good content on your site that contains a mixture of keywords relevant your web page. Ask people what they would type in Google to find a web page like yours, these are the words you should look at. Our blog has other great advice on how to market a product on the web.

Best of luck to you.

You can social media promotion to reach targeted audience and more concentrate on social advertisements with attractive words.

Yes, You can use social media marketing, E-Mail Marketing, SEO, PPC Campaigns to attract more users towards your site.

Your website must contain such applications, content so that many users get benifits of it and visit your site. More visitors come to your site according to my opinion it would be promoted. Backlinks are also useful for connecting your site to other good sites positively....

If you want to improve SEO of your site then you have to work on the content part mainly you have to post fresh content regularly to get maximum benefit, I would say.

Make your website attractive.Post fresh and unique content regurarly,use social media marketing,building links from high PR sites.

follow some good site post some fresh content and put more images
social plugins

make the best seo techniques then you can improve the website

Content Submission, Blog Commenting, Directory submission.... there are so many ways to get back links and increase visibility of website.

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