Hey everybody! I too am creating my own community right now, and trying to figure out if I'm "in-line" when it comes to its membership ratio. For every 1000 unique visitors, I'm getting about 5 people to become members, so about .5%.....What does everybody think should be considered the norm?? How much is everybody else at???? :?:

You can increase the ratio of your visitors if you target your visitors however I am not sure whether you are taking help of some company who claim to generate unique visitors to your site, alternatively you should implement some method and technique to retain them so that they can visit your site more frequently.

All the trafffic that it is getting is totally organic. It's getting close to 1,000 unique visitors a day. Majority of it coming through search engines.

With completely organic traffic----what is everybody else's ratio to new members. I'm seeing about 5 new members for every 1k uniques, or close to it. How's everyone else doing???

If its organic traffic you should expect atleast 2% conversion rate.

Oh my gosh...I'm going to go start crying right now...I'm at about 1/4th of that...

There is no best number. For me, I get about a 5% conversion rate for search engine traffic and about a 3% conversion rate overall. But there is a difference between members and actie members. I would rather have 1 really active, dedicated member than 100 members who registered and never visited again.

Don't judge success on numbers. Is your community growing as much as you'd like it to? Has activity slowed down recently? Browse this forum for other member-boosting and community-building activities for your community.