I want to know the purpose of article post and blog post and what is their benifits.

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Content based links are very essential. Content means your are providing a prolific information with your helpful website links.

If you are promoting your site over the internet, than you should have to do blog posting and forum posting for gaining more links for better ranking for your site. Doing this you can easily get the contexitul links of your niche. These are the best SEO methods.

Benefits of Articles and Blog Posting -

Quick and Easy to Start
Easy Integration
Marketing and Communication
Thought Leadership
SEO Benefits

That question is a bit open ended? but to me...

Article posting?

It could mean posting articles to other sites. If this is the case then you use articles to promote stuff. You always make sure you have a link to what you want to promote.

Blog Posting

I am a full time blogger or webmaster. Whatever you like to call it. Blog posting to me is when I publish a new post on my blog. This is important because posting fresh content gets you noticed more and definitely generates more traffic. I would use the articles to promote my blog posts.

Fresh content is the best way of marketing your product with links, it can able to drie more valid leads and traffic to your business.

Main benefit of Article submissions are -

1) Getting one-way backlinks
2) Increase traffic
3) Business exposure

Main benefit of Blog Posting are -

1) Fast index
2) Different content
3) direct visitor
4) get the quality back links
5) Comments and trackback in blogs encourage interaction.
6) It allows traffic from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

both are informative links which are really valued by search engines. but the actuall question how to promote your content so that its to your target auidence.

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