As we are in forum so we should talk about forum traffics too.

What I experience is if you contribute to some quality forums then they would send targeted traffic at regular basis, if you are posting regularly in some related forums.

This thing is helpful for two purposes mainly, traffic and SEO of course.

What would you say about this?

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they would send targeted traffic at regular basis

No one sends you traffic. You may see traffic originating from the forum website if you posted a link back to your site and other members find your link appealing. Of course, if the forum site you posted on has a lot of traffic, you are going to see a certain amount of traffic coming from that site, depending on how relevant the link you posted was.

SEO of course

Sure, having backlinks on other websites is good for search engine optimiation if the backlink is placed on a reputable site with complimentary content. In other words, if your site's content is based on tools, and your backlink is located on a site that has to do with construction, that's good for SEO.

Thank you, but it helps in building brand name as well, traffic of course, if it is high traffic forum, learning as well.

Well, of course posting backlinks in forums helps generaing traffic to a website but not all forums helps in it. Forums which have big amount of active users, appealing quality of backlink you posted, quality of reply are some factors which decides that user will likely to click on it or not.

Yes, I agree with you, only those forums would help which have high number of visitors at regular basis.

Based on my analytics stats I got traffic from forums but not that much and I think you can build brand and authority too because of the sig link everytime you post.

According to me forum traffic that are generated are not totally generated by search engines but also come from the back link that you have promoted in places related to your forum website. Links that are interesting or clickable and are suitably placed obviously generate traffic to your forum website. I think it’s all about promotion of your forum website.
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Yes,I agree with that forums have great contribution in traffic generation of website.

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