I have created a page in facebook and need to increase likes, can anyone share the tips to increase facebook likes. I have created one fake account but it get banned by fb because I send so many messages to my friends for increase the likes on FB page.

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God forbid you post interesting content that people will like. I guess that's too much work compared to artificially increasing likes with silly things such as sock puppet accounts.

haha..if you continue such sort of fake things , I am sure that you will be banned here also.
Dont do such illegal things.
If you post content which is really worth and meaningful , then people will "like" it automaticaly..

Can you please tell, how likes are beneficial in marketing?

posting good quality contents,

also inspirational sutffs also gains much "Likes "

Try to get good facebook likes in natural way by writing quality content for your niche users and share this content on facebook , your content will get likes for you.....

Do you have a website that you are using your FB page to promote? Perhaps put 'Like' widgets on your website to drive traffic and fans to your FB page.

Make friends, like paes, join groups, you can also create ypr own fan page of website and can creat a group , then post eye catching stuff relevant to t=you site, publish meaningful content on it. Don't go for the fake likes,spend tie on it a little bit, you will get likes automatically.

A “Like” on your Facebook or myspace Web page is not just a mirror measurement. It represents a actual individual displaying attention in your business. That individual has started out a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week interaction route with you. So yes, this is a very highly effective thing in internet promotion.

Facebook allows you to keep your clients heated in a helpful, non-invasive way. There are only so many times a individual will shop at your shop in monthly or year, based on your market. Even promotion e-mails with 10% off discounts can become exhausted and end up in people’s junk directory over time. So, to keep a individual involved between buys, Facebook or myspace content are key.

Well, there are some bots like addmefast...etc which can be used to increase likes over your FB page...etc So, if you just want likes then you can use the addmefast tool, but also note those likes are just fake like and you will see them decreasing after a while.

Create engaging content. There are ton of ways to catch the attention of people in social media. Post interesting and trending stuff. Create great content that inspire people that they too may want share it.

Also, if you have a website/blog, I suggest that you put a facebook share button at the footer and/or header of your site and on each blog. This way, it would be easier for your audience to track your Facebook page.

I am in the handmade niche, which is very compeptitive, crowded and difficult. The people in there are also extremely creative, intuitive and friendly. I appreciate them very much. I used to post only once a day. But I announced that I would post twice a day, and I post two different kinds of content within the general topic of my niche. And I have discovered that I have developed two different kinds of audiences, one for the morning post and one for the afternoon post. They share, like, comment, and participate actively. They also visit my blog posts when I share them. The page is growing slowly, but I am getting mileage out of it, so I'm happy.

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