You might have seen different people sharing thousands of tips on increasing facebook likes. I have list the best tips to increase Facebook likes.
Share your Content
Ask for Likes
Share Valuable Content
Share Informative and Quality Posts
Compel others to Likes your Posts
Buy Facebook Advertisement
These are complete tips to increase facebook likes. You can get the positive results after applying these tips.

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it all depends on whether or not you want those likes to have actual value:

if not:
you can buy packages saying "xxx likes for xxx $" or something similar.
so, for a while you'll be having tons of likes (comming out of the blue) so people 'll think that you went from starter to senior in just one post (which a lot of people 'll find suspicious).
if at that point the content of your page/article can't persuade people that your page is actually worth it, you've lost. those readers won't be back any time soon.
you can create several accounts, and have them all "like" your own posts.
you can mobilize your friends to like every single post you put, or, you can use some sort of chain-like method (like this post or you don't have friends, bla bla bla)

if you do care, which you should:

make a decent page. if it's an IT related page, don't clutter it with "awwww, look what a cute kitty-cat", keep the posts related to what your targeted audience comes to your page for. don't just copy paste posts/articles, write your own. be well informed, and don't be biased. no matter how much you hate Microsoft and love Linux (or the other way around), when "the dark one" does something good, admit it, write about it, and complement them, just as you would your favourite.

keep the page up to date: no use in only now starting to post about the first version of Windows 8, that ship has sailed, rather write about stuff that is in the pipeline, and people are anctious to read about.

a very important thing, even though it seems contradicting the point: do not, I repeat: do NOT care how many 'likes' you get. a person who 'liked' your page yesterday, can 'unlike' it tomorrow. the battle you're going to have to fight, is not "how do I get much likes", but rather "how do I get much likes, and how do I keep them"

the reputation of your page is just as good as your last article(s) on it. the results of a year of great effort can easily be destroyed by one drunken night posting nonsense.

just to summarize it a bit:

  1. Decide what you want the topic of your page to be, and keep the posts relevant
  2. Keep the page up to date. You'll need to do a lot more than one post a week, and about current hot-topics.
  3. Keep the contents read-worthy. if it's just a copy paste of some other articles, without bringing new information .... why would they go and read your stuff?
  4. 'Spread the word', or, advertise your page: put it in your signatures on fora, mail it to friends, from time to time, post a link to an article you just wrote on your personal account, ... basically, make sure people know the page exists, without overdoing it and every ten seconds posting a link to it
  5. Check your audience: if you want to make a page about IT, it is useless to send links to it to your six year old neighbour-girl, who 'd rather have links to some 'Dora' clips.
  6. Some SEO won't do you any harm neither: make sure search engines pick your page up when people are looking for material that is on it.

I'll make this brief, the key for Facebook and social media success is keeping you content interesting and viral. Everything else follows.

what do you mean: "share more experience" ? more compared to what ?
and what kind of experience ?

experience is something you get from doing. you can't "share" that, you can provide information. but facebook is not a very good platform to do so. (being a moderator on a Java page with +100K members, I'm well aware of that).

the textboxes are too small, so is the font type, and good luck in trying to format code on there: you'll need an external application for that.
also: the search functionalities of the page break from time to time (well, it remains facebook, doesn't it?)

the main reason there are such pages, is because a lot of people are to lazy to find a decent forum or site to learn from.

Sometimes academic material is a better motivation than a lower price offer or award, based on your industry or focus on audience. For B2B companies especially, offering free information such as e-books and whitepapers can drive plenty of new Lovers and customers.

Many e-books will have a obtain website located on a website that has a type you must complete to access the e-book. By real estate the e-book obtain type inside of a tab on your Facebook or myspace web page, you can Like-gate it to increase your Facebook or myspace Prefers.

Hosting your e-book straight on your Page helps to enhance the transformation amount of your Facebook or myspace Ads. Research that Facebook or myspace Ads that weblink to Webpages within Facebook or myspace result in a higher transformation amount than those that weblink to pages outside of Facebook or myspace. This is because guests to your Page see a Facebook or myspace Like as less obtrusive than their private information or current email deal with.

Depends on what you're looking for, fake likes which are easy to get but pretty much useless ( do some like exchanges on sites that offer that) or good quality likes which are harder to get but worth everything ( share your good quality posts on groups in your niche and you will start getting good likes)

I agree with you Jonnyp, but how can we approach for link exchange and for whom should we ask?

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