Is PayPal safe for transfering money??

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It's safe as long as you are transferring money to reputable people,companies.

Yes, its more safer than other Accounts.

Yes, definitely it is safe my friend.

Paypal is highly secured
It transit from your computer to SSL with an encryption key length of 128-bits

Technology, experience and privacy make paypal secured.

Yes psypal is safe i am using paypal for last 2 year and beside that paypal is most old payment gateway so you can be sure.

Its safe till u pay to repuated company

We developed lot of project using paypal it simply safe.

Yeah it is the safe payment method for all transactions.It keeps your personal details and do not get passed to others.

I integrated PayPal in my plenty of projects & one of my client account credited with 16845$ solidly. But, for transfering the amount to your account from PayPal may take sometime as like other gateways do & to transfer more amount you need proper authentication to do.

paypal is safe for the payment method because i think there is no another safe method like paypal

paypal is better for buyers not for seller expensive and every case paypal give favor to buyers

yes dear paypal is safe online money trnsfer and that is more reliabe then other online money transfers

NO !

you better use another solution.
Bitcoin is better !

to collect Credit card payement, use Braintree or Paymill or Stripe.

Paypal has a big name and they are very prominent with their work. They have very hard and fast rules regarding privacy of data and money transfer.

Yes, it's safe.. I'm using Paypal to recive the funds for last 6 year. It's good and the amount would be deposited in your local bank account.

It is absolutely safe for transactions.

PayPal is safe method fo payments and money transfers through internet.

Yes, paypal is safe but you have to take care of while doing online transactions thanks

paypal is the best money transfer you can trust on this bank

Paypal is solid and secure and that is why it is a standard for online payments. There are a few good contenders at this point looking to capture some of that e-payment market as well as more digital options like digital wallets for the overall consumer market.

yes it is safe and fast method of money transfer to and from many countries

Paypal prohibits transactions related to gambling activities.

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