What is the best and most effective way of driving more traffic to my site without paying a lot for advertisments on other sites with related content? my site: << snip >> I have tried and tried to get more traffic by just getting my site link/address posted on other sites. I am listed on all of the seach engines but my traffic has not increased much in the past couple of months. It did jump up a lot after getting added to Google and other seach engines but now it is pretty flat. Any advise would be helpfull - negative or positive feedback.


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okay i would have to say that free ways are 90% no good
try link changes or buy advertising

I think free ways work out well if you know what you are doing and take all of the free SEO tips you can get. It is starting to work for me but not as fast as I would like.


this is the main reason people pay insane amounts on advertising that gets you hits targeted and quickly :)


watch out on traffic boosts

i bought a $200 traffic boost to my forum

it gave m 1446275 hits and 5 signed up (suspicious or what)

if you are that desperate you could try buying a site with large hist and getting it redirected to your site

if you are interested why not buy my site << snip >> it has sixteen hundred unique hits an hour

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