Is there any online service where I can create an Invoice but entering my own information ?
so that I can share that invoice to whom I exchange my services against payment.


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You should try {this blatant spam attempt which has been removed}. They offer full featured invoicing solution for free. It is OS independent as it is web based. You can create Unlimited PDF [Adobe PDF] branded invoices, estimates & PO's. There are many cool features like paypal integrated invoice payments,MS-Excel template based invoicing,Integrated stock & catalog invoicing etc.And many useful add-on,s are also available.

commented: Epic failure -3

I use QuickBooks, but it's far from free. Allows me to create Insertion Orders, Invoices, track invoices to payment, and do all my bookkeeping at the same time. It's not free and it's not online, so I might as well just shut up now ;)

Really Dani? Did you not notice this sock-puppet failure didn't even bother to log in to a different account to answer his own question to promote his service?

This is just spam failure.

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