I want to discuss about Alexa rank why people failed in getting good earning from google.
there are some points for improving Alexa rank.

1 - your site content must be unique - duplicate article - no chance to improve Alexa.

2 - Daily use dofollow bookmarking on your site at least 20 not more and try to get votes on used bookmarking sites.

3 - daily add article of 400 to 500 words on your site but article must be useful for visitors - if article is not attractive then you are fail.

4 -Create video and submit on all video site about your site

5 - Daily post comments of 5 good related sites not more if you used all your date on same day then you will not improve your Alexa rank.

6 - Get good back links on top site like which has less then 1k Alexa rank or buy adds on forums too.

7 - daily post on Facebook, twitter and pinterest.

If you have more point you can share on this points because it is best for me and you also.

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Quite resourceful for newcommers :)


As i think all the points given is necesary to get the good traffic in my openion if you want to increase the alexa ranking then you need to download alexa toolbar on many of the sytem and then open your website with the help of this tool. Sure your alexa will increase.

Hope this will useful for you.

Your article is unique but only this is not enough for good alexa rank. We need to more quality back links and website popularity.

redayager can you share with me your point which i lost?

Very good, You can try this website for Boost up ur alexa Rank. This is one of best Website for help you.

Hi Maintain Qulaity means maintain unique content it will help you to get huge traffic then automatically your rank will improve.

nice tips, thank you...

Install alexa bar to your toolbar , this will help your to improve your alexa , also try to get good amount of traffic for your site.

Improve your content qulity. Your content must be high quality and unique.

So by following this instruction you can get more traffic and also increase your site alexa rank.

Properly do it SEO.It helps in improve the alexa ranking.

Alexa depends upon the vistors visits the website as well as their bounce rate. pages views by them on the websites.

Just try to increase your website traffic through famous social medias. Then automatically you will increase your alexa rank.

Best way to increase it is by installing alexa toolbar !!

Don't bother about alexa ranking.

These are the process for Alexa Ranking, First claim your site,install Alexa Tool Bar,Alexa widget on your blog,then go for Quality content,Write a review about Alexa.com,Comment and build backlinks,Use social networking site,then review about your Blog on Alexa,get target traffic then lastly write new content regularly.

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