Which are the point we should keep in mind while using online shopping sites?
What makes online shopping more reliable,without any thread?

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  1. Get their money.

•Use familiar big brand websites It’s much less likely that you’ll fall victim to a scam if you’re using a large brand name website.
•Search Search Search Shopping around and using a combination of web searchers and price comparisson sites will help you get the best deal.
•Pay with a credit card Paying with a credit card offers the best protection from online scammers.
•Check the returns policy It’s important to check this as some companies are even starting to charge a handling fee for returns

•Buy from a site without SSL An SSL certificate indicates that a site uses approved encruption methods to keep the information you are sending safe. The URL of certified sites starts with https rather than http.
•Buy from sites you are unsure of If you are feeling suspicious about a site it’s better to err on the side of caution and avoid buying from it.
•Open your package without inspecting it first It’s always a good idea to check your package over before you open it. If there is any damage take photos prior to opening. You’ll be able to use them as evidence if your goods are damaged.
•Ignore the confirmation page When ordering online it’s good to get into the habit of printing or saving purchase confirmation webpages.

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