Pregnant Facebook Users Say They Can't Show Their Tummies

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Almost exactly a year after Facebook users complained that the site was deleting pictures of them with their nursing babies, now they're complaining that they can't show pictures of their pregnant bellies, either.

The Facebook group "Allow pregnant women to display pictures of their baby bump!!!!" was formed on June 1 but started getting more publicity only in late December. It now has 173 members.

The founder of the group claims that Facebook deleted a non-sexual picture of her pregnant stomach, saying it was obscene. In comparison, however, the woman notes, pictures of non-pregnant women with crop tops that also display their stomach aren't deleted.

It's not entirely clear whether the group is serious or a spoof. Certainly it hasn't gotten nearly the attention of "Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!" which has almost a quarter-million members.

In addition, it seems that the policy, if there is one, is unevenly applied; while some women do report having pregnancy pictures deleted (including the group's picture), other pictures remain.

Currently the "baby bump" page has four pictures, compared with more than 5,000 breastfeeding pictures.

The main Facebook page has no information about whether such a ban exists.

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In due time, I betcha that the group/mastermind behind this Facebook group will be known. I smell a hidden agenda. What do you think?

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