I use byethost as my webhost and my blog is powered by wordpress...
the domain name is http://johannady2.byethost31.com/ it's 2 days now and there no claimed or unclaimed domains listed. why?

Looks like you're ok now since I see that you have 5 domains in the Claimed category. I noticed 1 more Unclaimed if you care to claim that one as well. We typically take 2-3 days and/or a certain impression level before the system will assign a domain to you. We see a ton of "garbage" domains every day such as "google.com", etc and the filters need time to do their work. Hope that helps explain but contact support if you want more info.
Here's a little more info on what you can do after you Claim your domains: http://support.chitika.com/customer/portal/articles/1055737-how-to-claim-your-domains

Bob 5 but what is not solution it is just claiming links.

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