Which is the best Social media website and how you get traffic from there?

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Google plus is number 1 for that and twitter and facebook also good to divert traffic to website

Facebook and twitter marketing are the most important social media sites from which you can gain more popularity and quality backlinks.

The best social media websites are Facebook, Twitter & Google+ and the way to generate traffic from these social media sites is to make good business pages, post useful updates, participate in discussion, increase your network and reply the question raised by your customers etc. Before participating actively on social media sites I would also suggest you to go through the article http://ezinearticles.com/?10-Common-Mistakes-in-Social-Media-Marketing&id=7859117 which indicates the most common mistakes of social media marketing which you must avoid.

accroding to me all sites are good like fb, twitter, google+, linekdin.....and many more

Facebook and Twitter. Create a group page on Facebook that relate to your business and be active there by giving good information and recommendation.

Facebook and Twitter. You can create a group page on Facebook that relate to your business and share valuable information and recommendation there.

As per my way Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the best social sites through you will improve your website traffic.

Facebook and Twitter are great to drive traffic to your website, but Google+ (from some speculations) actually will increase your page rank in Google.

in my opinion the best social media sites are Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. These are more effective specially when you properly setup your profile and has a good numbers of followers.

The reason why I don't like Twitter is if you got a lot of followers your tweets is hard to find as the feeds just flowing really fast.

Twitter, Face book and Google+

With me, facebook is number 1, Google plus users where not as full as virtual account

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