How social media helps for business i have a lot of business
plz tell a helpful reply

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share your business with social media such as : Facebook, linden, video, ... Add friend and find a friend and propose them what you do and so on. You can also create a Group with your business name or a page with your business. You have to animate it and to update it usually if possible.
You can sell, you can propose many things in social media even you haven't no blog or website

It helps you by promoting your offered products, it lets your product be heared to everyone.

There are many free places where you can promote your business very easily..


Nice Query. Try social advertisements to promote your business. Of course, it's some expensive.

I suggest you to participate on wallpost social ads, it's free of cost up to 5. So, try these ads with different mail id's. May helpful to you.

which website you talking about for promoting the categorial website for your business??

the most effective way is.. make a page and update it on daily basis

Simple: you promote the links of your business to sites that are in the social media area ( twitter, facebook )

Social media sites have great traffic you can drive traffic form these sitse easily for your niche.

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