I am working for an Adult Content Website (Adult Toy - ecommerce website). When I signed up for the Bing Advertising Program, it does not accept and ask for 'reasons' for exception. I gave the reason as below:

"We are a small online retail company selling adult toys. This is the first time, we are using Bing. Hence, kindly accept the ad."

Will this reason be accepted by BING. I look forward to answers from people who have worked in Bing Advertising Program in specific to adult content advertising. Looking forwarding to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

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You need to include the words "novelty item" whenever you get rejected by a search engine. Your web site should clearly be about your product and not a clever gateway to more ... vivacious adult content.


I experience some issue with Bing. I was clear that the website contains adult content. Also, there are a large no. of advertisers advertising adult content websites in Bing. Bing asked for reason and also gave a clear reason why I wish to advertise in Bing. It has almost 10 days passed since; but no breakthrough yet.

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