My job is website promotion. Now, I am promoting two websites: <snip> and <snip>.

Will you tell me how to do this job well? Thanks a lot!

1. Link exchange
2. Article marketing
3. Directory submissions
4. Banner exchanges
5. AdWords and similar CPC programs
6. Forum advertising (in advertising sections)
7. Free classifieds
8. Build quality SE optimized content

Social Book Marking, Building Oneway links, Other Web 2 websites etc


Put your website in your signature line here. The we can critique the site and offer some suggestions, be sure to read the forum rules before you post anywhere, most places do not allow a link in the post.

I think you should make sure your site is optimized first before trying to promote it in the ways here. Make sure your page has unique and fresh content.

Read up on SEO and build your site up the best way for search engines.

Then trying building backlinks, which you can do research on, for the best ways of generating backlinks.

IMO the most improtant is to keep your SEO knowledge updated. SEO plays an important role in the success of a website.

Thats exactly what I think. Its is the one thing people are constantly overlooking. Most people are focused on making money with ads or something similar, but forget that making a site isnt difficult, but making a successful site is!

let me know what to do to promote my online buiseness


My job is website promotion. Now, I am promoting two websites: <snip> and <snip>.

Will you tell me how to do this job well? Thanks a lot!

Do lots of Submission ONLY in Quality Directories, Blogging, Social Bookmarkings,Forum Links, Writing articles are some Major steps

I think one of the best tool to promote a certain website is mainly the content of it. The facade must have to be simple but not overbearing, informative, accurate and user friendly.

Just do a research like this one and put your website to your signature. Let people that your in the business and I know if you have a good content and product people will do business with you. God speed..!


Nowadays more small businesses find it essential to market their products and services online. Customers are increasingly turning to the Web to research companies, compare product features and prices, and to purchase online.

It has never been easier or more cost-effective to market online. There are numerous Web sites, consultants, software packages, and other tools to help you implement a successful online presence.

Here are few steps to market your online business successfully:-
1.Obtain a good domain name
2.Build a Professional Looking Web Site
3.Make Your Web Site Easy to Navigate
4.Build up Your E-mail List
5.Send Periodic Email Newsletters
6.Buy Banner Ads
7.Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Try some of this, it will help you!

first, you need to update yourself with what really web promotion OR SEO is ?

Go for that kind of questions in forums, and read some good articles regarding SEO and web marketing..

Best of Luck.

Link Building and followed the search engine guidelines and procedures as to rank well and to have traffic for a site.

the most important thing most often forgotten is having something of unique value to promote.

Developers fall in love with their websites. You should see your website the way a visitor would ....someone who may have visited 3, 5 or 7 previous websites about the same thing as yours. Most sites are not deficient in promotion, they are deficient in substance. Do not compound this deficiency by posting "me too" articles with ZERO Information Value to game the search engines.

Rule Number One: Good Content Is The Greatest Promotion Technique
Have something worth promoting and you'll have something interesting to write articles about. It is amazingly easy to have a good looking site using tools like First Page. That means uniqueness and innovative ideas are the only way to compete.

And most webs sites have nothing interesting to say. Yet they take an entire site to say it. Showing a genuine interest in developing a unique product is your first step toward respecting the time of the web site visitor. Think about every visitor to your site as paying to see it, they are paying attention.

Too often people show visitors disrespect by posting dull, trite, recycled inanities the reader has seen 1,000 times before -- done better.

I think it,s really important to submit your link anywhere you can...and to have good content.

Marketing is 15 mile wide and one mile in depth, just look around how to expand like through SEO, discussion forums, blogs, social media and other method already discussed here.

Thank you very much.

Yes I think the tips given by will definitely help us....................
It is really a nice blog and it is very informative.............
Thanx for the informatio

Hi, all the suggestions above are great and each one is useful but I have found over the years the only way to manage any business is first have to realize it IS a business!

This means you must set yourself a schedule and stick to it once it is set. ( You do not turn up for work on your first day at 7.30am just to stroll in ever after at any time that suites you? No you do not so do not do it to yourself.

Do not try to run with too much at first. Find ONE thing that you have an interest in, start that until you succeed at it then start the next.

Stop reading all the e mails that have nothing to do with the project you are currently working on.

Be consistent, professional and passionate about your projects as especially the last rubs off on others.

Above all do not give up.

The best and biggest advantage of an Online Business is that the target market in this situation is unlimited and this is mainly the reason that many people are interested in working online.

You can target every human being living on this planet earth as your prospective customer. In this situation it becomes easier to earn a lot of money through the online business. If you want to make more money through online business, you should follow certain steps.

First of all, you need to define your target market. Once you are sure about the kind of people you are targeting as your customers, you will be able to find the right places to promote your business. You should have a user friendly web site also.

Promote your web based business properly and make as much money through your online business as you want. The idea of your business needs to be unique. You should prepare your self for a high level of competition. If you are careful about all these aspects, you will make a lot of money through your online business.

Affiliate Marketing

You can manage your online business successfully by contacting advertisers directly who sell products related to my niche, you make a page with all the necessary details for advertisers. If they contact you directly fine, if otherwise you should should go ahead and contact the possible advertisers.


Lot of website business die only because of the traffic, web promotions. There is lot of way to promote website like pay per click, directory submission , affiliates , SEO, etc.
but think after all only few web business become succesful ! Think

How many time Visitor stay on your site and Returning visitor to your site is more important than all above mentioned.

1) What type of you offered
2) why visitor wants to revisit your site

Rember that : Not single product Buy/ sold in first visit. Creat your trust

I liked the suggestions given by Marblehost... he has pretty much summarized the entire story into very nicely put points....

Online businesses need quality on-topic content that acts as a magnet to draw qualified prospects. In addition, you need to spread the word online by providing quality expert information on user conversation sites (e.g. Y! Answers) that include links back to your site if your site offers services that may benefit the people you're responding to.

Be sure you are 'pinging' the search engines so they know to come crawl your site.

Hi Aleesha,

I liked and agree to all the tips you have suggested. But, once you are ready with the website it is also very important that you promote your website or product very well.

It can be a frustrating task to find the appropriate marketing tools for your online business. To get the highest sales for your business, you have to convert the generated traffic. The strategies that are associated with internet marketing have to be powerful, good and effective.

Selection of the right tools is the key to achieve success in an online business. If by chance you end up selecting the wrong tools, you have to face the consequences that might cost you a lot.

An online businesss is just line a offline business it is all about planing 'if you fail to plan then you plan to fail' also its all about documentation. Since you will be undertaking a vairty of promotion tasks you will need to document what you do so you are able to track how effective a promotion campain is working for you.

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