On a small scale, preferably general use, I would like to have a way to share
musical backing tracks (performance tracks, practice tracks) with other musicians.
It should also work for Microsoft WordPad rtf files.
E mail is awkward, but it does work. I would prefer to just provide a link to a
site the user can go to and download the file. Another solution is anonymous ftp.
At this point, a basic limited quantity, ordinary security, solution would be the best.
Thanks. Ed

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E mail is awkward, but it does work.


That really depends on your email provider.

If you using some sort mail blast / internet mailing service then it depends on their platform whether they provide you with that service where you can email videos.

Takes too long. I'd rather have recipient go to a web site
and download the file.

it is good to know that but sir here you can't share wav files, this forum posting site

you could dropbox it but if it gets hit with too much bandwidth usage dropbox will suspend your account. You could host it on your server and upload the wav files. Then you link them to the file to download them. Things is wav files are larger files and will take up alot space on the server. Maybe you can try mega.co.nz which is the new megaupload moreless you get 50gb for signing up for free. I am not sure what the bandwidth usuage is on it all I know is they operate out of new zealand

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