Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, G+ are the most popular websites we use to promote business. Is their any other social networking websites which we can use?

For Russian speaking countries vk.com - is the most popular social network

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter these sites are best for promoting our websites.

Pinterest and Stumbleupon is also beneficial for promotion of your website.

Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Pinterest, Myspace, GooglePlus+, Instagram, DevianArt, LiveJournal, Cafemom, Ning are the social networking websites which we can use. It helps in promoting the websites.

In an information world, knowledge is power. The concept is simple: we increase legitimate content and provide helpful resources to your visitors and thereby increase your value. The execution is a little bit more challenging. However, the outcome always puts you ahead of the game. With more reasons to come to your site, the more likely you will have return visitors. This will increase their loyalty to your website and likelihood that they will spread the word about your site or even link to you from their websites.