I am a new online entrepreneur. Although, my shop looks okay but, i am not drawing a good number of client. I am afraid I made the wrong move. I wish it to be recognized by google to be visible. I do not know how. I wish to work with e-commerce platform provider who will not charge me much. I wish to draw client in order to earn. I feel like giving up.

Please... help.

Hi,Providing live chat support to your ecommerce site will help to increase your sales. Setting Up Live chat support to your site is easy with OnetoOnetext - Live Chat Tool.

Use Search Engine Optimization techniques for your website. Social Media promotion can also help if its applicable for the niche you are in. Hire a web developer who is expert in SEO and can work with Schema Microformats. Also put emphasis on reducing the errors in the website coding. Use a fast hosting Service provider, which will load your websites fast. Google loves to rank websites which is user friendly. Use all the features in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to test and optimize your website. Set a targeted Geagraphic location for your website in Webmaster tool.

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