hello Dani community. hope you guys are doing fine. My name is Manzar the comapny i work for as SEO strategist happens to be a fashion house that owns two online fashion stores namely www.dressrepublic.com and www.raneemstore.com

The SEO guy before me inserted the inbound link of Dressrepubic (DR) store into the footer of Raneem Store (RS) to improve the ranking of DR website (as you can see at the bottom of the home page of Raneem store with the anchor text "eCommerce Solutions") which resultantly has created over 22,000 inbound links for Dressrepublic.com coming from Raneem store.

My question is: in a post-penguin world, are these links still good for Dressrepublic store in terms of SEO, or should I Disavow all those links as Matt Cutts can potentially flag them as spam? i personally think i should disavow all those links and also remove the inbound link for DR in the footer of RS to cage the beast! thanks for your time!

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If you're able to remove the back-links then there's no need to disavow them. The disavow tool is intended to be used as a last resort, when all other efforts have failed.

Whether you should remove the links is another matter. Are they having a detrimental affect? This is something you could possibly test for, as the site is under your control, but you might find the answer is already in your analytics data. Did traffic from organic search results fall off when the links were introduced?

I suspect you'll find the 22,000 links have little influence.

Thousands of links from a single domain, all with exactly the same anchor text, is strongly indicative of a footer link. It's not difficult to identify them and I wouldn't be surprised if search engines simply count them all as just one.

As for linking from a site under your control to another, this has to be one of the easiest ways to gain a back link. What value do you think search engines might place on such a link?

Will the link get flagged as spam by Matt Cutts? I think this depends on relevancy, and possibly topic. For example, linking from a fashion site to 'pay day loans' and with misleading link text could look extremely spammy. You should be safe. Is Matt is reading this post?

Its benefotial for your website to rank on Google for a targted keywords. the quality of inbound links also does matter in this case.

Matt Cutts? Oh you mean that Google puppet who flings misinformation all over the place in order to keep the masses of you wannabe' SEO's confused and drooling. Silly OP.

It could be bad if search engine find your link s on that site you could be penalised.

okay thanks everyone especially Lax Loafer!!

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