I want to know the best tips for driving a traffic form social media sites , please share

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Some of the Important Social Media Tips to Increase Traffic from it --->>>
1. Follow who are following you
You must have to take care of following people on social media sites if you want them to follow you. It's like a give and take relationship. If you take interest in their happenings and in return they multiplies by visiting your site.
2. Take Care What People Likes or Likes
Always we have to take care of people what them likes or not i.e, we have to give respects to their comments. Before giving any comments to them first have to read what they are desires to be and act according to that -->> if they are wrong, suggest them proper ideas for better results.
3. Provides Content - What your Audience Wants to Be
Before updating any content - take into consideration to your followers choice and update regularly valuable content to them.

Hello dear friend...
I am an SEO expert. But still everyone searching for best methodology for earning from internet and from their site hope that if you would find something that related you will share with us.

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True. An interesting & valuable content is one of the most important things in social media. You have to update it regulary to stay in touch with your audience.

thanks to share this useful ino.

The Best tip for social media to gather targeted market only.. avoid all fake likes.

Experiment with posting outside business hours
add the following meta tags to your existing Facebook Open Graph meta data:
you can make the stories published a lot more appealing!
Leverage videos more effectively on Facebook with Open Graph

Tips for driving traffic on your site given below:-
Make It Easy to Share Your Content.
Interact With Your Followers.
Share and Share Alike.
Ask your client to follow you on these social sites.
Increase yuor followers and ask them to share your updates so thet their followers can see your post...

Hello, Try wallpost.com social ads. It's offer with free of cost up to 5. May be useful to you. All the Best.

Here social media latest tips for 2012.

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"Take advantage of custom tabs on your Facebook page. You don’t have to be a developer to add custom content to your Facebook page."

"There are tons of application providers. . . . that offer free and paid apps to help you incorporate content from other networks (your blog, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) onto your Facebook page, create landing / welcome pages, offer exclusive deals / coupons, and even sell your products."

The problem with application providers is YOU don't OWN the App. Facebook drives most traffic back to the App provider - NOT to the Tabs added to your Pages using THEIR "free" App.

Watch the Facebook Videos here: apps.facebook.com/boilingtheocean Then go to developers.facebook.com and add Facebook's free developer app and create your OWN App if you want Facebook to drive traffic back to YOU. It's easier than you think. Need Help? Just ask!

I recommended you, try on wallpost.com. It is a social networking sites offers social advertisements with cost efficiency. Moreover, it's provides article writing option with dofollow backlink.

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The best tip is to be very active in social medias with useful posts for users.

First of all I would like to suggest you, never follow fake profiles, and use always your original profile details.
You need to do SMO work and update content on social networking sites to get the new traffic.
Joint communities like friends and family are the main ways to get traffic and make sure your social visibility.
Always use fresh, unique and interesting content, which would bring the reader again and again to read for posts.

Social media is best way to get traffic for website as well business for website,there are lots of social media can help to get business.There are lots of company doing social media for adverstisng of their business.

Best way to drive traffic could be these -

  1. Connect Linkedin - with Facebook - with Twitter
  2. Share relevant, 'useful' posts on all these with your page address.
  3. What sells on Social Media - Pictures, jobs, Tips and Techniques related to your industry, Practical knowledge on your industry you're promoting.
  4. Launch promotional campaigns - Discounts, Projections, Promotions of valued customers.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing tips about social media. Really now days social media is very important and usful part of online buinsess sucess.

I will share what worked for me. I used to have a blog where not even the flies would land. Now it is approaching 2 million visitors, another one has had over six hundred thousand. Along the way, I've tried many things this one and that one said, usually, they were old methods and did not work. I have found that the best way is to offer something good that people in your chosen niche want, yes, that is basic, but you have to do it in a wonderful way. I design handmade toys (among other things) and that is a hard niche. My best SM places are Twitter and Pinterest. I make my stuff super visual, fun, colorful, and present them in an attractive way, sometimes, by telling funny stories. People love them, and I sell. Also, give a hand to others. I do lots of #FEs, courtesy calls, as it were, and I get in return, featured on internet newspapers, and other blogs, and lots of retweets. It cannot be about you, it has to be about your customers and colleagues!

You want to let your fans know that you not only value them but that they are special. By doing so, you will encourage them to continue to read and interact with your posts. You need to consistently give your fans a reason to care about what you have to say.

Here are six ways to make your fans feel special and encourage them to stay loyal to your brand: http://www.chadfullerton.com/turn-your-facebook-fans-into-raving-fans/

First, you need have good information to share.
Second, use some services help you manage/post to your socials (save your time)

Thanks for sharing ideas about social media. Really social media is very important and usful part of online buinsess sucess.Thanks

You can join related group and community at any social media website. You will get very good organic traffic by this way.

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What I like about social networks is the ability to contact your end users (it's of high importance for the websites and products which are of such kind that doesn't make it possible to always be in contact with your users). With the help of such communication you may get valuable feedback from your clients, suggestions, opinions etc. In Facebook, for example, you may post opinion polls, questionnaires, organizing competitions with prizes for the winners, etc. With the help of social networks you make your clients feel comfortable with the product/website you promote, it's really important to take care of your clients - you have the possibility to establish not only functional but emotional ties with your clients.

you submit fresh conetn on social media site and after that you must votes from people then you will get visitors.

Let me give you the best tip. Bieng Natural is the best tip for Social Media.

great information thanks for sharing!!!

You can use for social media like facebook page like,linkedin post, twitter..........

if you use facebook .... make a fan page and then share something useful, such as tips, tutorials, and more. Do not forget also useful in every post that you enter the picture, and then tags to your friends.


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