I own a blog in English, It is talking about Egypt since the Pharaohs and till now, but a very the visitors are very small number , I do not know why

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You can star posting informative articles on your blog and share the link on your Facebook/Twitter/Linked IN/Google+ wall. Social Bookmarking is also a good way to increase the site traffic.

To being traffic you first need to post quality content on the site. If content is have quality then start posting on social media like facebook G+ twitter linkedin pinterest and many others. Make a stragies of targetted people and gropu on FB to get more visitors. Also go post comments on other's blog pages ok!


Use FeedBurner + Mailchimp to get recurent readers.

If you target UK readers, you can send the link via SMS by using MonkeyAdvert.com

Go to Fiverr and either submit a banner to a relevant site or have one designed for 5 bucks, then do the first step. Visit Adfly and get your site as a pop-up site or banner ad in Egypt or relevant countries.

use of feed burner is the best option

You can star posting informative articles on your blog and link to other sites.

Write informative and unique content. Share links on Social networking sites. You'll get lots of visitors if you have written unique content.

If You want to increase visitor of your site, you should to post ads of your site in other sites.

you have to do SMO for your website, you will get traffic to your website.

Share innovative and unique articles or posts in your blog and share the link in social networking websites. you can also give signature link in various forums sites.

if you want to increase the visitor of your site then you leave the link of your site on every page you found for the traffic

if you want to increase the visitors of your blog then leave the link of your blog on every site and make the daily update

If you have good quality content then you shoould focus on SEO first. And then proceed to Social Media and other marketing channels.

you have to use the link exchange site in which you can get the visitors

share your links and images on social media sites
Facebook,Google+ and Pinterest

Simply do all seo method and do some social media optimizing in your site it's used to increasing visitors...

Please Do Offsite Seo Technique Like Share Your Blogs in Social Sites and Social Book Marking Site.. Etc..

write the unique articles for your site in which you can get the ranking article give you the best and best traffic

Do share your articles on various blogs related to your business, Creating content that is helpful and useful. Provide regular updates to the website, especially in frequently viewed zones. Add fresh content every few days if possible; at a minimum, weekly. Add video to your landing pages. Submit your articles to e-zines,and other articles websites and writing sites that accept submissions.

You can also do quality guest posting.

First Select the Keywords and then optimize your website with relevent keyword that you select, you will get the visitor once your keywords ranked :)

To share on Pinterest, make the images you post on your site pin-worthy, in other words, clear, crisp, and beautiful. Complete eye-candy. Everyone is sending everybody else to Pinterest, but not everything makes it there. Remeber what kind of visuals you love, what kinds of photos make you stop dead in your tracks and take a longer look, that is the kind you should post on Pinterest.

You are writing about Egypt and that too about Pharohas. You are having a very small audience, mostly people love to know about new things, not stuck to the past. you can do one thing. With your post, you may also provide some latest content or latest news about Egypt and share it on social media like linkedin, twitter, google plus, facebook. This will make your blog engaging and will keep visitors on your website.

If you have a blog then share your blogs in all social media sites.Then also post the blogs in various blog submission sites

very basic mistake (even though my response is a bit late)
when advertising your blog (or merely referring to it, like you do in your initial post), always, ALWAYS provide the url.

if nobody knows where to find your blog, chances are they won't visit it.

use baclinks

Yes, i agree with your statement that increase unique content, because some days ago there happened panda update 4.0, this rolled, for phase out thin content.

I sugggest used forum site and use social media site for getting good traffic.

Well I think the subject you are covering is a very rare and an interesting one so you should achieve good results, I think the main reason for your shallow traffic is that you have not done proper Marketing, you should share your links on different sites, such as Social networking sites, Social bookmarking sites, Blog Commenting sites etc… and Choose some specific keywords cause you are never going to achieve any sort of success if you don’t choose any sort of keywords for it.

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