I know SEO campaigns can help you to market your site online. However, it is hard to identify the strategies that still work and will not be considered by search engines as spam. Can anyone advice on these SEO strategies that are beneficial in internet marketing and will always remain effective?

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There are hundreds of seo strategies which are beneficial. But some of them provide benefits for short term which are called BLACK HAT SEO and other one in WHITE HAT SEO which provides us a long term benefits. Some people do black hat technique but I personally never recommend you to do always go for white hat techniques and some major WHITE HAT SEO techniques are:

  1. You should put link that are friendly with SEO
  2. You should put informative content which will be helpful and you your content must be unique
  3. You should create links for your website for more benefits.

have as many backlinks from authorative websites especially if u can have from well established places in your area

The difference between spam and an SEO campaign is the quality of the content you are providing. If you can't provide it at the level required then its easy to hire a professional content writer from sites like http://contentmaster.net/ or freelancer.com. Google recently changed its policy and now content is baisically the only thing they focus on.

once you put all the strategies i told you to do you have to wait for results as google never reacts so instantly.

Almost every white hat strategy should deliver the result. However, don't opt for over optimization allow it to become natural. Your page and domain level optimization should not come across spammy. For example, keyword stuffing,manipulative linking,low value pages,trustworthiness, content value etc. Most importantly your link building strategy must follow the google webmaster guiedline. Click Here

Make your website content effectively.

For me its social bookmarking and unique content both are working good.

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