Hello All! I'm working as a Product Manager for a new social network site. Prior to me coming on as PM, the sturcture and layout for the site had already been made and the construction of the site in progress. Once I joined the team and explored what they had so far, I realized that they never considered content. there was no place on the site for actual content beyond pictures. The site is supposed to be an online community created to highlight basketball apparel, the brands who create it , the merchants who sell it and the individuals who wear it. It's the platform where fashion, sports and culture combines and creates a lifestyle. The issue as of now is the way the site was built doesn;t allow me to post actual content to the site. I've been posting most of the content on our Facebook page but I think that it doesn't drive traffic to the site or that if it does it won;t be continuous once they see tyhat mroe content is offered on the Facebook page rather than the site. I've talked to the owner numerous times but he wants to wait until we start making some money to redo the site. I don't see that happening until we can get traffic. What can I do to help drive traffic to our site without making the internal changes to the site?

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