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Well I advice you not to use software that could not help you as social media should use like social networks and you have to stay conected with every one you have as your friend or your followers.


don't use any type of software for social media marketing promotion. If you want to promote your local product you can get help from you local country facebook page admin. You can find out more local admin. For global promotion you can use your facebook friends, twitter followers, facebook fans. On other hard you can use facebook advertising or social media service like me. We giving fans followers at very cheap from any other social media company and make a legit community of them.

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buying followers is against FB terms and conditions, and can see your account closed

Greetings AarenAce!

I'm the founder of a social media marketing startup Promosity.com. We have a free tool that will allow you create a promotion widget that will allow you to trade a promotional reward such as a PDF, MP3, Image, or Coupon code in exchange for a social media mention. It helps to mention your Promosity deal's url in the tweet or wall post as well to create a nice little viral loop. Like I said, it's free to get started and I'm always around to help if you need some support.

Hope this helps!!!


To manage social media marketing , I use onlywire and hootsuite. So far it has been a good experience


hi dear,
look at www.hexcolor.in/tools/multipost
you can post any message,photo or url on large number of facebook groups.


It really depends on what youre marketing. Pinterest, Facebook, posting on other blogs in your niche. Free tools have worked for me the most.

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