Any Body Can explain this ?

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I have never heard of IP canonicalization. I'm not sure what that is.

URL canonicals is when multiple URLs on your website all display the same or very similar content. Typically this happens with dynamic sites.

You don't want to bog down or confuse the Google index by having multiple URLs that all are pretty much the same thing, so you use the following tag in the HTML head:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

You pick just one of the URIs that you want Google to index and show in its SERPs, and you mention that URI in all of the similar pages to it.

yes there in no term exist IP canonicalization. i searched on Google but not getting information aboot it.

IP and URL are two different things IP is internet protocol this provides by the services provider and url is uniform source locator this provides by the domain provider

OK, I think we all know what IPs and URLs are. But have you ever heard of IP canonicalization?!

is there anything like IP canonicalization??i too never heard about it

IP canonicalization is the same as URL canonicalization.

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