A worldwide leader in the consumer electronics industry wanted to launch an innovative line of computers and accessories, but as a late entrant, faced the challenge of breaking into a crowded and competitive market. MarketStar worked with the client to promote the client’s products by educating retail sales associates. Today, the client enjoys strong market presence and increased sales through the ongoing Retail Train¬ing Representative program.

Channel Profile

The client had created a full line of desktop and notebook computers, digital cameras, and camcorders designed to integrate value-added software. These innovative products delivered superior video and audio engineering board capabilities without the additional equipment of a traditional sound studio. However, the client was a relatively late entrant to the computer marketplace, and given the crowded field of competitors, the company wanted to ensure its products would stand out in the competitive retail environment.


In order to establish a clear and defined market presence for its new line of products, the client sought an outside partner to help them:
• Effectively introduce the products in a crowded marketplace
• Educate and train retail store employees on the products’ benefits
• Ensure effective placement and utilization of demo products and literature
• Increase brand awareness and retail sales
• Have the flexibility to change as retail contracts evolved
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Getting in to the competitive market with a new product assortment would be always a tough job to perform. Still, you’ve done a nice job.

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