I would like to know that does no follow high pr link really worth in seo or not..

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No follow stops net crawlers from following links away from your site to the linked site. By using no-follow you can prevent your page rank transferring to the linked page and prevent the search engine from adding the linked page to their graph of the web (via your site at least).
This google page explains their take on no-follow (other search engines may differ): Click Here

The links which are marked as nofollow does not provide the link juice for increasing the pagerank but however it brings the referral traffic for the website.The reason why nofollow attribute was introduced in order to prevent the spamming process.

Google still sees them. So they are powerful and offer good value!

i must agree with dexsmart. its good to make also nofollow link . its help to get some refferal traffic for your site.

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